What Causes Neck Pain?

The cervical spine is made up of seven bones that are stacked on top of each other and separated by a shock-absorbing disc. The neck, which is supported by muscles and ligaments, is actually fairly flexible. "Strains" and "strains" in your neck are the result of these tissues being strained too hard or too far, similar to how a rope frays when stretched beyond its normal capacity.

The medical term "sprain" refers to an injury to the thick, tough ligaments that hold your bones together, whereas "strain" refers to a situation in which the muscles or tendons in your neck have been partially pulled.

How We Treat Your Neck Pain

The problem with sprain/strain injuries is that they produce less elastic "scar tissue" to replace the normally elastic tissue. Some people will go a surgical route to treat their injuries but this technique has the potential to cause persistent pain and possibly arthritis in some patients. It's critical to seek care for your injuries as soon as possible, such as the sort we provide at our clinic. You may need to limit your activity for a while depending on the degree of your injury, especially if certain movements or activities cause you difficulty.

Heavy lifting should be avoided if at all feasible, and long periods of exertion, particularly overhead exercise, should be broken up with frequent pauses. You might try applying ice for 10-15 minutes every hour after an acute injury. In some cases of persistent pain, heat may be useful. Request precise ice/heat advice from your doctor. Sports-creams have provided some patients with partial alleviation.

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